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  • Bill Raven

A Few Quick Marketing Ideas for 2021

It's not 2021 yet, but it can't come soon enough, right?

Now's a great time to start thinking about how to come out of the gate strong next year with just a few small tips.

Personalize Your Messages: Raven 1 to 1 Marketing can help you personalize each and every direct mail marketing piece you send. Show your potential clients, customers, or donors that they mean something to you.

Let Creative Drive Marketing: Grab some attention with bold designs and see how you can fit those designs into some of the marketing ideas you're currently working on. This somewhat reverse approach (for some) can result in new ideas you didn't even know were there.

Create Content People Want to Read: Easy to write, less easy to do. If you want to stand out from your competitors, or the crowd itself, you are going to have to think a bit deeper on what you're sharing out. Are you just sharing on social to share or do you have real content that is going to be useful or enjoyable?

Be more "Real" on Social Media: If there's one thing we've learned during 2020, it's that connecting with people is always a fantastic way to get your message across. We've seen that in more live videos and events on social media as well as there being a little bit more of a leniency when it comes to sharing things "behind the curtain." Years ago, you may never have shown some candid moments behind the scenes at work, but those glimpses into the humanity of your organization or corporation can go a long way. Be more "real" this year!

Have a safe and happy 2021 from everyone at Raven 1 to 1 Marketing.

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