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List Management

“Every year, 10 to 25% of people move.  That’s over 40,000,000 people get a new address!! Keep your list up to date.” 


Our list management services reduce waste, increase repsonse and prepare your addresses for quick delivery by the postal service:

Postal Services

  • Address Standardization (CASS/DPV)

  • Move Update Processing (National Change of Address)

  • Duplicate Elimination

  • Deceased Supression

  • DSF Appending

  • USPS Track & Trace Reporting

  • Postal Presort & Drop Shipment Analysis

Variable Data Programming

  • Monthly or Quarterly Statements

  • Fundraising Letters

  • Utility Bills

  • Financial Report account Activity

  • Sales or Service Reminder Letters

  • Year End Tax Documents

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